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Sam Grey is a PhD candidate in political theory and comparative politics, within which she has focused her reading on non-Western political theory, Indigenous comparative politics, feminist and gender analyses, and methodological issues. Sam’s primary research interests are political virtue, memory, the politics of emotion, and reparations for historical injustice (including, or especially, transitional justice mechanisms). These engagements converge in her dissertation on unforgiveness and Indigenous-Settler irreconciliation in Minnesota/Mini Sota Macoce.

Sam’s doctoral work is supported by the Fulbright Program, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, and the Canadian Federation of University Women.


PhD, Political Science, 2012-2017, University of Victoria
MA, Human & Social Development (Indigenous Governance), 2011, University of Victoria
BA (Honours), International Development Studies & Philosophy (Applied Ethics), 2008, Trent University
BA (General), Indigenous Studies, 2008, Trent University


English: Native proficiency (ILR 5)
French: Professional working proficiency (ILR 3)
Latin: Limited working proficiency (ILR 2)
Quechua: Elementary proficiency (ILR 1)
Scots Gaelic: Elementary proficiency (ILR 1)
Spanish: Professional working proficiency (ILR 3)
Thai: Limited working proficiency (ILR 2)